The Coolest Dessert Treats Right Now

The Coolest Dessert Treats 


Winter is long gone (okay, not so long, but Spring is definitely in the air) so it’s time for fun, flirty and fabulous food. In this two-part blog, we look at the coolest (!) dessert trends right now.

Healthier is hot

While OTT sugary sweet deserts remain a favourite, there is a developing trend towards healthier, more natural desserts. Think poached pears, roasted sweet potato and innovative, deconstructed fruit parfaits and gelées.

Salty, sour and superb

A trend that has many people smiling are dessert dishes with more savoury elements. More and more chefs are incorporating savoury components in their desserts creations, as well as more acidic flavours. Examples include apple cider as the base of Crème Brule, salted caramel shavings and plate decoration, and mixed fruit gelées that incorporate both sweet and sour undertones that are flavourful and balanced.

A Rose’ by any other name

Rose’s increased popularity and comeback of sorts over the past year or so, does not extend to drinking wine. This light Spring/Summer wine adds subtle flavours to a variety of desserts such as sorbets, ice creams, white chocolate ganache and gelées. You can also combine it with fresh juice to make a delightful drink/cocktail.

Size matters, it seems

As people become more health conscious, the trend towards smaller desserts is increasing. This means that chefs can spend more time on their dessert creations, taking more time to incorporate different textures and flavours, thus becoming more playful and adventurous. This style of dessert is called Café Gourmand.

Global goodness

Another trend you should watch out for , are dessert creations that incorporate various cultural influences, marrying flavours as well as preparation, construction and plating techniques to create new and unorthodox desserts that brings the world a bit closer together.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of this article on the latest trends in desserts!