The Coolest Dessert Treats Right Now Part 2

The Coolest Dessert Treats 2


Winter is long gone (okay, not so long, but Spring is definitely in the air) so it’s time for fun, flirty and fabulous food. Here is Part 2 of our blog on the hottest new dessert trends.


People are using social media platforms more often and are exposed to a massive amount of images, so your dessert creation needs to stand out from the rest. Trending now is picture-perfect, beautifully constructed and plated desserts that might well be classified as art too.

Glaze of Glory

Glazing a dessert dish to make it more attractive is a clever way to make the dessert look more appetizing. Modern techniques and experimentation means that glazing is no longer cloyingly sweet, with the added bonus of being shinier. This technique is prevalent among pastries such as petit gateaux and eclairs, as well as cake decoration. As information sharing and communication has become more and more accessible and accessed, e.g. Pinterest, the pressure to make food in general and desserts in particular more attractive and perfect-looking has increased too, so this trend should stick around for quite a while.

Weird, wacky and wonderful

Large, OTT ice cream concoctions remain a big trend. Ice cream desserts feature a wide range of less traditional and sometimes purely freakish flavours. In addition, ice cream desserts are served with donuts, beer, cocktails and choux pastry as “decoration”, making it an all-bases-covered affair.

Fancy fruits

It makes only sense to use seasonal fruit in desserts, hence the trending desserts featuring citrus and tropical flavours. The popularity of coconut has been on the rise these past few years, so expect to see it incorporated into many dessert creations. You can also look forward to elements such as lemons, oranges, grapefruit and kumquat featured in desserts – either as the star of the dishes (or at least part of the ensemble cast) or as garnish and added colour. Other dessert dishes that compliment citrus and tropical flavours and undertones, include sorbets, gelées, cheesecakes and meringues.

We hope you feel inspired by these hot new dessert trends. For more ideas and inspiration, take a look at our website to see the wide range of delicious desserts we offer!